Welcome To Barb's Outlook Express Group Tutorial

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.  As you will see I am trying, (trying being the keyword) to make this as clear as possible and give step by step instructions on how to make a group folder in your address book.  Feel free to e-mail me if you do not understand.  Sorry, graphics are not the best quality but I needed to compress them to make download time as short as possible.  Let's begin. 

Open your Outlook Express program.  Click on the "Address" book. 

Here are all your contacts. Click on "New." Now you have the choice of clicking on "New Contact," "New Group" or "New Folder."  Click on "New Group." Note: Addresses were blocked out to respect privacy.  

In the "Group Name" box, give your group a name. For this example, I named mine "E-Connection." Next, click on "Select Members."